The Nightingale Team offers Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behaviour (VB) services to families and schools, as well as trained help and support at home and in the community after school. 


We specialise in educational programmes individually designed around each child with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

    1. Do you have a child, who was recently diagnosed with ASD or a developmental delay and would like to explore his or her learning potential with an evidence based, results oriented approach applied at home as early as from the age of 3?

    2. Has your child been long diagnosed and has a statement of special needs, but is not fulfilling his or her potential with their current provision and you're considering additional help with ABA at home or at school?

    3. Or do you simply have concerns about your current ABA services and would like to consider a new provider? Our approach will aim to focus on skills that are lagging behind, e.g. communication, tantrum reduction, toilet training, self-help, etc.?

          If "yes" to any of the above questions, then we may be able to help!

          To request a free 30 min telephone consultation, please register with us!

Our ABA Team is dedicated to providing expertise and enthusiasm. 

Our clients benefit from child-oriented, hands-on approach with ongoing support relating to all aspects of development, setting up and running a programme and a organising a team for 1:1.

What our former clients have shared about us as unsolicited feedback:

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Slaveia's ABA/VB programme has delivered an outstanding education for our son... (read more)

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Our Services include: 

  • Assessment of child's academic, social, self-help and language skills

  • Development of individualised therapy programmes by Slaveia Christoff, MSc, BCBA - certified by BACB

  • Ongoing training for family members, home and school ABA  staff to maintain a  flexible and dynamic therapy plan tailored around the changing needs of each individual with ASD.