Our Services

Our team offers reliable services to parents setting up or already running home-based or home/school-based privately or publicly funded programmes for special needs education within a behaviour-analytic framework

The Services we provide may include some or all of the following services to Local Authorities, Social Services, schools and individual families:


  • Preliminary baseline assessments needed prior to provision or to assess progress using skills assessment protocols such as VB-MAPP and/or ABLLS (Sundberg & Partington), 
  • Standardised assessments, e.g. GARS 2 (Gilliam Autism Rating Scale), other language, IQ and developmental tests available on request
Training, consultancy, supervision and 1:1 therapy:
  • Initial one-day workshop when setting up a programme or changing providers
  • Follow-up workshops and team meetings: monthly or according to needs
  • On-going supervision in-between workshops by senior members of the Nightingale Team
  • Setting up data file systems, data review, analysis and behaviour plans
  • Assistance in obtaining teaching materials for ABA, loans of teaching materials, specialised software, etc.
  • Therapy provision by members of the Nightingale Team 
  • Assistance in recruiting 1:1 therapists
School Provision
  • ABA Provision set-up as directed by a tribunal order or in line with provision as quantified and qualified by SEN Statements and EHCPs
  • Assessment of integration readiness for under 5s
  • Assessment of placement and/or change of school assessment
  • Selection of appropriate curriculum for part-time placements
  • Designing phased integration programmes
  • School staff training and home-school liaison
  • Contribution to meetings regarding IEP targets and Annual Reviews of SEN Statements and EHCPs
Additional services to families:
  • Progress reports as evidence required for appeals to SENDIST and Disability Tribunals
  • Attendance as expert witness at SEN and Disability Tribunal Hearings
  • 'Professional advice appendix' for Statutory Assessment, Re-assessment and Annual Reviews of Education Health and Care Plans
  • Professional statement for Disability Allowance applications/reviews
  • Respite care and holiday care and assistance with Direct Payments for respite care provided by Autism and Challenging Behaviour trained workers for help and support at home and in the community after school and on weekends (available to families eligible to respite care services from their local authority)
  • Assistance with applications to charities and other organisations regarding additional funding, e.g. for equipment, e.g. Ipad required as AAC communication device (needs and means tested).